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Important Deadlines for WnH 25 (2021)

Planning for this year’s WnH has been complicated by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Our response to this virus has evolved as the situation has progressed and will no doubt continue to evolve. We deferred the event to September to maximize the chances of holding the event. 

  • Because the trajectory of this novel virus is still unknown, and
  • because there is a great deal of planning and ongoing work throughout the year on our part to assure a flawless event, and
  • because you must plan in advance to attend WnH in order to secure time off from work, make arrangements for travel and accommodations, and
  • because the host resort has WnH on the books as a firm event, and
  • because the Biden administration has promised that all Americans will be vaccinated by May 31 and it appears that other countries will not be far behind…
  • we have chosen to proceed as though COVID-19 will not pose a significant threat and the event will take place, and
  • we are requiring official proof of vaccination from all attendees to be presented during registration along with official picture ID

To give you maximum flexibility, we have eliminated our “no refunds” policy. We will issue full refunds, less processing fees charged by our ticketing agency, until August 13, when we will announce whether Wet n Hot will be held in light of the uncertainty surrounding Covid.

We will revisit the situation and make an announcement on August 13, one month before the scheduled opening day of WnH, about whether WnH will be held this year or not. We will also issue periodic updates in our newsletter and our Facebook group, both of which you are welcome to join.

We strongly suggest making REFUNDABLE airline and hotel reservations NOW while they are still fully refundable. If you wait, airlines and hotels will tighten their policies as more people begin to travel post-vaccination.

These are the important deadlines for WnH25 (2021):

  • June 1 – Weekend packages go on sale at early bird pricing
  • July 31 – Last day for early bird pricing
  • August 1 – Prices go up by $25
  • August 1 – Day passes go on sale IF the event has not reached maximum legal capacity
  • August 13 – Announcement of final decision whether WnH25 will be held
  • September 7 – Last date to purchase weekend passes online
  • September 10-12 – WnH 25 takes place

We love every one of you guys and will not put you or the community at large at risk in any way. 

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  1. Vince March 27, 2021 at 10:04 pm #

    I attended the first three events in the later 90’s and cannot wait to get all the piss I want and wherever I want at this event. Looking forward to full bladders from other pigs, ripe and rank pits, dirty jockstraps and lean back of my head in urinal to become his urinal. OINK

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