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2023 Reviews

A WetNhot attendee just wrote this: This event is really a spiritual thing for me. Its def “church” in the real sense of the word- community, honesty, respect, honor, love, patience, and peace. It’s so great, a feeling hard to describe. No one of my friends that hasn’t gone, understands this. He is so right! While it is easy to describe the physical event (3 nightly parties, registration party, 2 BBQs), there are no words to describe the atmosphere, sense of community, camaraderie, and the emotional landscape for guys who haven’t attended. WetNhot, the physical event, is merely a platform. […]

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Important Dates and Deadlines for 2024

After two years of no WnH due to Covid and the monkeypox scare last year, we are crossing our fingers that there won’t be a plague to contend with this year. Nonetheless… We must comply with all federal, State of California, and local laws regarding Covid There are currently no restrictions in place, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any in place when the event takes place in June To keep you up to date in real time on event developments, we will issue periodic updates in our newsletter and our Facebook group, both of which you are welcome […]

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2022 Reviews

It is impossible for a party organizers to objectively characterize an event. Hearing directly from those who attended adds validity, perspective and color, so we encourage you to read last year’s reviews below. WetNhot 2022, the event’s 25th anniversary, took place despite overwhelming odds that included a Covid surge and the emerging threat of monkeypox. Because we hadn’t had an event in 3 years, the energy on Friday night was more like that of a family reunion. There was lots of catching up to do with old friends and there were lots of new attendees to welcome into the fold […]

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Southwest Airlines now flying into Palm Springs

Southwest is now flying into Palm Springs airport (PSP). You can only book on Southwest’s site, not on others. Their rates are generally outstanding. Flights will probably fill up due to WnH, so I’d book sooner than later. Southwest has always given 100% credit, good for one year beyond booking date, for missed flights.

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Important Deadlines for WnH 26 (2023)

After two years of no WnH, we are collectively drier than the Palm Springs desert where WnH is held. Our approach to the 2022 event is informed by its two-year Covid derailment and what we’ve learned about the virus from the scientific and medical communities. Briefly… Because the trajectory and transmissibility of the virus, in all its mutated forms, is still unknown, and because we endeavor to do what is ethically and legally correct, and because there is a great deal of planning and ongoing work throughout the year on our part to assure a flawless event, and because you […]

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Update on WnH 25 (July, 2022)

We have closely watched developments re: Covid over the last 2 years and have determined that the safest way to hold the event this year is to have only vaccinated and boosted men in attendance. While there are some who object to the vaccines on various grounds, and while we respect their right to decide what goes into their bodies, we will follow the mainstream science when it comes to assuring the safety of our brothers who attend WnH. This is not up for debate. If you choose to be unvaccinated and boosted for any reason, then you will have to […]

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Host Hotel Room Lottery

The 2024 room lottery will take place on March 15. In order to better serve you, most of our volunteers are housed at the host resort. After they have all been accommodated, the remaining rooms at the host resort will be placed into a lottery. If you purchase a weekend pass on or before the close of business on March 13, you will automatically be entered into the room lottery.

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What is there to do during the day?

We get this question from a lot of guys who are planning to attend Wet n Hot. “What do I do during the day?” Well, we have you covered, piss pigs. As part of your weekend package ticket, you are invited to our two afternoon BBQs. Not only do you get to enjoy a great meal, FREE beer and soft drinks, but there are also raffle prizes drawn at poolside starting at 2 PM. Prizes include sex toys, free hotels stays, play sheets, jock straps, t-shirts, DVDs and other surprises. How do I enter the raffle, you ask? It’s simple! […]

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Wet n Hot FB Group

We have created a FaceBook Group for guys attending Wet n Hot. The group is private and can only be seen by FaceBook members. You must be approved to be in this group. This group is a great way to chat and connect with other guys going to Wet n Hot. You can find buddies to share rooms or rides to the event. Remember, this is FaceBook, so lets keep the pictures you post G rated, so we don’t get booted off. To join this group, follow the link below and answer a few questions. Dan is the group moderator and he […]

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What the Waterboys Pigs are saying about Wet n Hot 18

Here is what the guys on our social piss site are saying about Wet n Hot 18 From Gerryex This will be my first WnH and I’m excites as hell. I have wanted to go to something like this ever since I got into piss. I want to get hosed down at the same time by as many guys as possible. Even better if that happens while I’m fucking or sucking. Definitely want to try one of the piss pools!!! IS IT JULY YET?? From Totalpissslut See y’all there for my 19th consecutive year… omfg! How did I get to […]

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