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Networking with your fellow pigs

Our Facebook group is a great place to network with other guys who will be attending, the vast majority of whom attended in prior years. They are a very supportive group of pigs who will answer any questions you may have that haven’t been answered on our FAQ page.

The group is also a great place to hook up, plan small group get togethers, etc. Everyone in our Facebook group is vetted so that only pigs are in the group, and it is moderated and closely monitored daily by us, so you will be safe and among like minded pigs.

We also have a Telegram group that does not have any content restrictions, as Facebook does. Because Telegram groups get spammed extensively if the link is posted on a web site, we only offer membership to the Telegram group via our Facebook group, all of whose members are pre-vetted. Instructions on how to join the Telegram group are pinned to the top of our Facebook page.