About Wet n Hot

More than two decades ago, a group of outlaw pigs created Water Boys, an organization and a magazine which celebrated piss and pig play.

We were considered so far outside the mainstream that even the edgiest fetish media of the day barely acknowledged our existence. But we knew from the very beginning that encouraging men to live shamelessly and authentically was revolutionary, transformative, and totally fuckin’ hot!

Our early photocopied ’zines not only featured fantastic erotic art and filthy stories, but also created a worldwide brotherhood of like-minded guys by way of the largest collection of sexy, piss-play hook-up ads anywhere.

Eventually, tired of playing in small, clandestine groups in the few bath houses and sex clubs that would have us, we had a radical idea: create a full-on destination weekend filled with play parties, where everybody could pig out in the open air.

We chose Palm Springs because of its reputation as a great, sexy gay resort destination. We chose to hold the event in July because the warm evenings would allow us to play outside under the stars. Wet n Hot was born. And what began as an intimate gathering of friends has, seventeen years later, become The World’s Biggest Piss Party!

Imagine an entire weekend filled with outdoor piss play, fisting, and virtually every other kind of pig sex in a laid-back, no-attitude environment that’s literally exploding with porn stars, muscle bears, rubber pups and pigs of every age, size, color and nationality. Add in slings, tubs, unlimited beverages, barbecue lunches, cruise parties at the bars and kinky demos and you get a truly saturated weekend!

Whether you’re a seasoned soaker or just wet behind the ears, there’s truly nothing else in the world like Wet n Hot.


What Makes Us Different?

Even though our weekend takes place in a secret, underground location, we play outdoors instead of in a warehouse or basement.

  • We truck in canopies, piss pools and slings and build our very own Pig City.
  • We don’t have Dungeon Masters or a lot of rules, so that you can play freely.
  • We work with great DJs to get hot music to enhance your play.
  • We offer plentiful, quality food and name-brand beverages.
  • We give away cool gifts and prizes.
  • We maintain a 10:1 volunteer ratio to make sure that everyone is well taken care of.
  • We provide security at all times so that you don’t have to worry about party crashers or emergency care.

Yet despite everything that we as organizers do, it only sets the scene for what makes Wet n Hot truly special: the guys who join us. Our attendees are extraordinary masculine men committed to friendly, piggy, no-attitude play. They take pride in caring for themselves and their brothers. As a result, our Wet n Hot community is incredible, erotic and affirming in ways seldom found at other large sex play events. And it brings guys back year after year.

(Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our past attendees say!)


What to Expect This Year

We’ve always been committed to continuous improvement, but last year we made more enhancements to Wet n Hot than ever before. You can expect all of this again this year:

Online Registration and Payment

No more paper, scans and faxes! All registrations are online. And if you pay by credit card, we’ll process your payment online too. In fact, we’ve punched up the power on our server and re-done our whole payment system so that paying by credit card is faster and easier, especially if you’re using a smart phone.

Our Custom Wet n Hot Socks

This year we have designed new Wet n Hot Socks to be given out to all you pigs that have purchased a weekend package.

Special Pricing for Young Pigs

We’ve always been committed to celebrating, nurturing and expanding our pig tribe. We also know that it’s especially tough for younger guys to afford a big travel weekend like ours. We want our next generation of pigs to be able to experience our extraordinary community, so we’re doing our part by offering them a special package price.

Live DJ Friday and Saturday Nights

Again this year, we’re amping up the energy of our play parties with live music from a handpicked DJ especially known for his sexy, ultra-layered underground style.

Host Resort Reservations Open Simultaneously with Weekend Package Sales

This year we have more rooms and additional host resorts, plus now you can book your room immediately after you purchase your weekend package.

A Redesigned Pig Park

We’re are at the same great venue as last year. But we have redesigned the Pig Park to be more piss plsy friendly. Better locations for the piss pools and secluded play areas with mood lighting and plenty of slings for you pigs to play in. Also some new features for you pigs to explore.


Why Should I Register Early?

Early pigs save twenty-five bucks. They also get first crack at the rooms at our host resorts. Our host resorts always sell out, so it’s best to sign up early if you want to stay with the group. Registration is open March 1st 2019! The price goes up on June 1st.


Explore and Learn

Explore our website to learn all about Wet n Hot.  Check out a typical schedule, stories from past participants, the latest event news and more.


We hope you’ll join us for Wet n Hot 2019. We can’t wait to wet you down!

Dan, Vince, Rob and the Rest of the Pigs at Water Boys