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Frequently Asked Questions

Every year we get a lot of questions. Here are the ones we hear most often. Is there something that you don’t see here? Email us!

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The Event

 Why should I register early?

Early pigs get early bird discounts. They also get to enter the room lottery, so it’s best to sign up early if you want to save money and have a crack at staying at the host resort. Registration opens March 21, 2023!

Where is the event held?

The event is held at a huge gay resort hotel in the greater Palm Springs Area.



Why do you keep the location secret?

Even in this day and age, there are haters and unhappy prudes (you know the type!) who will try to undermine our event. Rather than deal with unwanted publicity and drama, we keep the location close to our chest. Read between the lines, talk with prior attendees, or ask guys in the watersports community. We are a tightly knit community and most WS pigs all over the world know where Wet n Hot is held.



Will you require proof of vaccination?

We will conform to all applicable federal, state and local vaccination mandates as of July 14, 2023. At the moment, proof of vaccination is not required, but that does not mean the laws won’t change. If proof of vaccination becomes a requirement, we will not issue refunds to those who are not vaccinated, so keep that in mind when you register.



I’ve never been to a water sports party before. Is this the right event for me?

Wet n Hot is a great place for new guys to explore piss! The crowd is friendly and respectful. There’s no pressure to play. And the group is so large that you won’t stick out if you prefer to just watch for a while. You’d be hard pressed to find a more comfortable and supportive environment than Wet n Hot.



How many guys usually attend?

In 2019, over 900 guys joined us. WnH was not held in 2020 and 2021. Over 600 men attended in 2022. Attendance was atypically low because monkeypox was running wild, vaccines were not yet in widespread distribution, and we made all event tickets refundable because we would never put anyone at risk, nor would we want anyone to attend our event if they felt even remotely uncomfortable or unsafe.



What kind of guys attend?

All kinds! You’ll find everyone from porn stars to bodybuilders to twinks to bears to FTMs. But most of the people are just regular guys. Ages range from 21-65+, with most guys in their 30s-50s. As piss becomes more mainstream, we see more and more younger pigs. It’s a friendly, respectful, uninhibited, sexy, inclusive crowd.



What is the event like?

The best way to get a feel for the party is to read our About Wet n Hot and Reviews pages. The reviews pages tell you what actual attendees have said about us (and there are some great stories there!)



Do you have pictures of last year’s event?

No. Cameras and cell phones are not allowed at Wet n Hot to protect everyone’s privacy.



Is Wet n Hot a bareback party?

Wet n Hot is a piss and pig play party for respectful guys who like to play without a lot of rules—guys who take responsibility for themselves.  We provide condoms, lube and gloves and allow guys to make their own choices.



What should I wear?

Palm Springs is extremely hot in July, which is what makes it most suitable for watersports. Even the nights are in the 90s and sometimes in the 100s. Rubber, latex and leather are strongly discouraged because of the potential for dehydration, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. This is a case of “less is more.” Footwear is mandatory because the sidewalks are blazing hot and because of the potential for cuts. We suggest flip flops, sandals or boat shoes. Leather boots are hot, both thermally and in terms of looks, so use your judgment when it comes to wearing them. Most guys wear just a jock and something on their feet. If you are shy or body conscious, a breathable cotton tank top or T-shirt will do nicely.



Can I sell stuff at Wet n Hot?

No. There’s no space for vendors, plus we want guys to enjoy the brotherhood and play free of commercial solicitations and distractions.


How do I pay for someone else’s registration?

When you fill out the order form online, there will be a section where you will put the other person’s name.



Why do young guys get a special rate?

Wet n Hot has always been about supporting and nurturing pigs. But if the newest members of our community aren’t able to attend, then we’re failing in our mission. We offer younger guys a special rate because we know that many of them couldn’t afford to join us otherwise.



Do you offer day passes? I can’t attend the whole weekend.

Our priority is to accommodate our weekend package holders first. It’s just not fair for pigs who have invested in a whole weekend to be crowded out of the fun by single day attendees.


As the weekend approaches, we may offer a limited number of day passes if we determine that we have space available. Although we were able to do so at the last party, we cannot guarantee that day passes will be available this year. The best way to find out if day passes are available is to subscribe to our Email newsletter and/or Facebook group, called wetnhot, and watch for an announcement in June.



Can I register or pay over the phone?

Sorry, but all registrations and credit card payments must be done online.



Can I register at the door?

If we have space available, we’ll accept walk-in registrations (cash only) at our Tank-Up Party on Friday afternoon. It’s best, though, to register in advance so that you don’t miss out on the action.



Is the registration fee refundable?

No. All ticket sales are final and registrations are non-transferable.

Hotel and Travel

What are this year’s host resorts?

Because Wet n Hot is an underground event and our host resorts are reserved exclusively for us, we only share host resort information after you purchase your weekend package. You can get some general information about our host resorts on our Accommodations page.



When may I book my room?

You may book your room any time, but you may want to wait until after you book your event ticket and receive your weekend package confirmation, which will contain the address of the property where the event will be held.



When should I plan to arrive and leave?

To take the fullest advantage of the weekend, plan to arrive by 2:00 pm Friday so that you have time to pick up your weekend package, check into your hotel, rest and tank up before the party. Registration begins at 2:00 PM on Friday. Most guys hang out at the registration venue to down some fluids, meet one another, and enjoy a little frisky fun on the patio. The official play party begins at 8:00 pm at our host resort.


We suggest departing on Monday morning. That way you won’t miss Sunday’s play party, which is always a great way to end the weekend. Check out our sample schedule for more details.



What airport should I fly into?

For detailed travel information, visit our Getting Here page.



Do I need a car?

If you wish the freedom to come and go as you please, go out to dinner and see the local sights, you should consider renting a car. Taxis are available, but rates are relatively expensive compared to most major cities. Uber and Lyft are also available and you can check pricing at any point in time.


Do you run any other parties or events?

Water Boys only produces our annual Wet n Hot weekend. But you can connect with other guys in your area (and world-wide) to make your own party by joining our free networking site,, or our Facebook group, which is called wetnhot. Be sure to answer the three questions when you apply for membership in the group.