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What To Bring and Leave Behind

Get prepared for your piggy weekend by packing some of the following stuff:

Prepare for the Weather

Palm Springs in July is HOT, and that’s the entire point! The hot days set the stage for fantastic warm nights, which is when our official play parties take place. Though the party grounds are available during the day at posted BBQ hours, most guys take a siesta or make other plans in the afternoon.

When you’re out during the day, be prepared for temperatures over 100 degrees. You can get an idea of July weather here. Be sure to bring and wear sunscreen—and reapply it often.

You will find some cool weather if you plan to take the Aerial Tramway to the top of Mount San Jacinto. Bring a sweatshirt if you plan to ride the tram.

Other Supplies

In addition to sunscreen, bring a wide brimmed hat, pool shoes or flip flops, sunglasses and a towel. Be sure to read about Limits on what you may bring and how below.

Footwear is very important! Without protection, you can actually burn your feet on the concrete pool deck and walkways. Plus in the Pig Park, you’ll encounter grass, sand and natural vegetation. Footwear will protect your feet from any unseen gravel or twigs.

Fetish Gear

We welcome every kind of fetish gear! If you like to gear up when you play, by all means do so! But use common sense; it’s not a great idea to wear full leather, rubber or latex in 105-degree heat. Less is more in the heat. You’ll find guys in everything imaginable—and plenty in nothing at all. And if you want to upgrade your gear, or just buy supplies like lube or leather stripper, check out Gear Leather when you are in Palm Springs.

If you like being a service pig, we also recommend knee pads. They’ll keep you from getting muddy (unless that’s what you like!) and make it easier to concentrate on more important stuff—like all those dicks in your face! Be sure to read about Limits on what you may bring and how

Sex Supplies

You should also pack your favorite sex stuff (gloves, lube, condoms, toys, etc.). We provide basic gloves, condoms and lube, but if there are certain specialty products that you prefer, you should bring them. Be sure to read about Limits on what you may bring and how below.

If you get into assplay, you should bring what you need to clean out and do it in your hotel room before you arrive at the party. There are no cleanout facilities on the Party Grounds, scat is prohibited and grounds for immediate expulsion from the event.

Clothes Check

For your convenience, clothes check is available at no additional cost to you. Your best bet is to arrive in minimal (but street-legal) clothing so you that won’t have much to manage. You may only retrieve your clothes one time at the end of the night. If you wish to access your items during the party, consider renting a locker from the host resort. Note that your locker code expires 8 hours after you rent your locker!

Limits on What You May Bring and How

The host resort has limits on WHAT YOU MAY BRING AND WHAT YOU MAY BRING IT IN. In keeping with the host resort’s ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for drugs and illegal activities, in addition to what you are wearing, unless you are a registered guest with a room at the host resort, you may only bring in one 14” x 14” x 6” Clear Tote OR 3 gallon plastic storage bag. If you attempt to bring in a non-conforming bag, you will be turned away. The resort does not have the time or manpower to search non-clear bags for illicit items, especially when there are as many as 1,000 pigs in line, chomping at the bit, waiting in line to enter and piss. They also do not wish to subject their personnel to possible injury by sharp objects in bags.

What To Leave Behind: Phones, Drugs, Valuables

Because of the underground nature of our event and to protect the privacy of the pigs that join us, taking pictures on the premises is prohibited. If we find you on the grounds with a camera or a phone, we will erase it and hold onto it until you leave. You may leave your phone in clothes check or your locker when you enter the grounds.

Drugs can pass from you to your partner in your piss, so they are absolutely not allowed! Guys who are high or seen consuming drugs will be sent home.

Even though we’ve never had a theft at Wet n Hot, it’s still probably a good idea to bring as little stuff as necessary and leave most of your money and all of your valuables behind. You’ll only need money for clothes check (or a locker) and possibly fare for a ride, plus an ID, so leave the rest of your stuff at your hotel.