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Palm Springs literally has many hundreds of hotels and resorts available in every price range. The options number in the thousands when you include vacation rentals. With so many options, we suggest you spend a little time to find the option that works best for you. If you wish to combine forces to share a vacation rental, save money, and perhaps double your fun, you can connect in advance with guys who will be attending WnH in our Facebook group and our Telegram group. You must answer the three questions to join the Facebook group. The Telegram group is only available to guys who first join our Facebook group to avoid spam. If you are planning to do a vacation rental, we suggest giving Mister B&B a try, as they cater exclusively to our community and allow you to rent an entire property or a room in a gay host’s home. Mister BandB is a great way to keep money in our community. Just ask Siri or Alexa how far your vacation rental is from CCBC and you’ll be all set.

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In prior years, we recommended specific gay resorts that set aside their entire properties exclusively for guys in our group. We unfailingly filled these resorts to capacity and asked for nothing in return. These resorts now allow anyone (not just guys from our group) to book during WnH weekend and they consider WetNhot a premium weekend, so they price gouge. Because these resorts offer neither exclusivity nor value, we no longer endorse them on our website. If you wish to stay at a clothing optional gay resort, there are plenty of them in Palm Springs. Just know that you will pay through the nose on WetNhot weekend to stay at one of them.

Most of your weekend will be spent at the WnH parties and BBQs and you will most likely only use your room to nap and sleep in. And everyone has different criteria when it comes to accommodations. Many guys want inexpensive rooms. Others seek clothing optional resorts with amenities, some of which are sexually charged. Other guys have more than enough sex at WnH and just want a quiet place to lay their heads. And there are still others who don’t care about anything other than proximity to our host resort. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it in the greater Palm Springs area. Regardless of your criteria, we suggest that you book early so you don’t wind up staying 15 miles away from our host resort, whose location you will be revealed in your weekend pass confirmation.


Palm Springs Official Site

This is the official website of the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau. It offers a very comprehensive list of accommodations (hotels, boutique hotels, rental agencies). The site allows you to sort and filter by multiple criteria.

Weekend packages are now on sale. We’ll provide you with specific information about the host hotel upon booking your weekend pass so that you can book accommodations nearby if you choose. We suggest consulting the Palm Springs Official Site and zeroing in on a property address, then asking Siri, Alexa or an AI driven browser how far your lodging options are from the host resort. And again, if you are new to WnH, there are plenty of guys in our Facebook group who will be more than happy to answer your lodging questions. You can also gain access to our explicit Telegram group from our Facebook group.