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Each year we reserve several host resorts exclusively for Wet n Hot pigs. They’re a great bunch of gay and gay-friendly properties, ranging from fetish-oriented and playful to deluxe and upscale. Most are clothing-optional.  You’ll get the full list of resorts and their contact information after you buy your weekend package.

Many guys ask us why we don’t disclose the location of our party grounds or our host resorts up front. It’s because of our long history as an underground party. Keeping Wet n Hot underground protects everybody’s privacy and makes you feel freer, safer and less inhibited. That makes the weekend more fun! It also keeps gawkers and prudes away from our event.

After you’ve registered and paid for your weekend package, we’ll send you an email message that includes your confirmation number and the key to a special web page that has all of the resort information. Be sure to save your special hotel code because you’ll need it to prove that you are part of our group when you book your hotel room.

Weekend packages will go on sale on June 1, 2021. We’ll post more information about how to book your room then.