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Archive | March, 2020

Meet Dolf Dietrich, Our 2020 Ambassador!

Standing tall at 6 foot 6, Dolf Dietrich is one of the friendliest ‘giants’ in porn we know. Tatted and piggy, he first knew he was a natural born piss pig when almost 10 years ago he was cast in his first piss  porn for DickWadd Media. Since then, he’s filmed nearly 200 films and traveled the world hosting countless fetish events. Make sure you say hi to this handsome pig; he’s there to make sure you’re having a great time. He’ll be happy to answer any questions for you and more than likely shower you with some of his […]

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The COVID-19 Coronavirus and WnH

Planning for this year’s WnH has been complicated by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Our response to this virus has evolved as the situation has progressed and will no doubt continue to evolve. We deferred the event to September so we could better assess the trajectory of the virus. In light of what we learned, we want to let you know what we are doing to address this challenge. Because the trajectory of this novel virus is still unknown, and because there is a great deal of planning and ongoing work throughout the year on our part to assure a flawless […]

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Weekend passes go on sale June 1, 2021

Check back here on June 1 to buy your weekend package. Weekend package price $170.00 (increases to $195.00 on August 1) Young guy price (21 to 30 years of age as of September 10, 2021…and yes we will check your ID at registration to verify your age) $105.00 (increases to $130.00 on August 1) If we do not reach maximum legal capacity, day passes will go on sale on August 1

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