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Archive | March, 2021

Important Deadlines for WnH 26 (2023)

After two years of no WnH, we are collectively drier than the Palm Springs desert where WnH is held. Our approach to the 2022 event is informed by its two-year Covid derailment and what we’ve learned about the virus from the scientific and medical communities. Briefly… Because the trajectory and transmissibility of the virus, in all its mutated forms, is still unknown, and because we endeavor to do what is ethically and legally correct, and because there is a great deal of planning and ongoing work throughout the year on our part to assure a flawless event, and because you […]

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Update on WnH 25 (July, 2022)

We have closely watched developments re: Covid over the last 2 years and have determined that the safest way to hold the event this year is to have only vaccinated and boosted men in attendance. While there are some who object to the vaccines on various grounds, and while we respect their right to decide what goes into their bodies, we will follow the mainstream science when it comes to assuring the safety of our brothers who attend WnH. This is not up for debate. If you choose to be unvaccinated and boosted for any reason, then you will have to […]

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