The Producers

Vince (Left) and Dan (Right)


Dan (right) left a corporate job in 1990 and began publishing the WaterBoys magazine and hosting fundraisers and piss parties that year. The guys he met complained that there weren’t any good piss videos to be had, so he started Dick Wadd Media in 1997. Dan states, “I’m profoundly grateful to have been serving the pig community for the last two decades. There isn’t a nicer, more supportive or cohesive group anywhere on the planet. I’m truly blessed. As a true pig, I’ve also had one hell of a fun ride.”


Vince (left) started co-hosting the WaterBoys parties with Dan in 1990 and remembers saying, at 5:00 AM in San Francisco as he and Dan were mopping piss, cum and lube off a floor after a piss party, “For this I went to law school?” Vince has worked tirelessly over the last two decades with Dan; first with WaterBoys, then with Dick Wadd, and says he couldn’t imagine being happier or doing anything else.  Vince is the quiet one in the bunch, but as we all know, they’re the ones you have to watch out for. 

Rob Rodin

Rob joined Wet n Hot in 2009, helping out with sign-ups and those crazy T-shirt designs. Past attendees might have met him at registration while he was checking your IDs and keeping the line moving. This is the guy you contact if you have any questions about Wet n Hot. Rob is a director and producer for Dick Wadd Media with his own line of videos under The Load Masters label. He in charge of the Wet n Hot FaceBook page so if you want to join the secret page contact him here ROB 


2019 Ambassadors

Dolf Dietrich

We first met Dolf on the set of Hard Hat Pigs 3. He never experienced piss play before that scene was shot. We really didn’t know what to expect from him, I don’t think Dolf did either. Let’s just say he took to it like a Pig to water. Dick Wadd has since hired Dolf for many more piss play videos. We love to see that evil grin come over his face every time he floods some eager pig’s mouth with a stream of yellow gold. Not only is Dolf a handsome SOB he is also very approachable and a sweetheart. You can follow Dolf on his very x-rated twitter feed @DolfDietrich and find his videos at Dick Wadd. We are happy and excited to have Dolf attend his first Wet n Hot. I am sure it won’t be his last.

Silver Steele

Silver’s first piss scene was filmed by Dick Wadd along with Dolf Dietrich and Armond Rizzo (Biker Trailor Trash). While he had engaged in piss play before, he pushed his limits and explored new ways to enjoy piss by filling an ass for the first time and having the bottom expel a liter of Silver’s own hot juice back onto his face and chest. Since then he’s filmed other piss scenes and has soaked jockstraps and mailed them to his fans, some as far away as the United Kingdom where the package itself was damp from the inside out when it arrived. One of Silver’s favorite things to do is piss out of his second hole by removing his zero gauge Prince Albert piercing, plugging up the tip of his dick with his finger, and then proceeding to empty his bladder out of the remaining open hole on the underside of his dick, all over some lucky pigs face and in their mouth.

People love his extremely social and friendly nature, and they say he’s never met a stranger, as he’s friends with anyone who introduces themselves to him. He loves his 8 gauge pierced nipples worked and is very touch-friendly in any situation. His whole body is coated with soft blond fur, which he refers to as his “Golden Fleece”; it gets very dense when you travel down to his ass, where his hole is nearly hidden by it, unless some lucky guy hoses it down with some of their own hot piss, exposing his pink pucker. You can see all the wild stuff Silver Steele gets into by following him on Twitter at @silversteelexxx. This will be Silver’s first Wet N’ Hot, and he can’t wait to be surrounded by his piss-loving brothers!

You can meet both these guys at the registration party from 2pm-4pm at the Barracks Bar Friday, July 12th. They will also be at the BBQ’s and of course the night play parties.