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The Founders / Producers

Vince (Left) and Dan (Right)

Dan (the short one)

Dan (right) left a corporate job in 1990 and began publishing the WaterBoys magazine and hosting fundraisers and piss parties that year. The guys he met complained that there weren’t any good piss videos to be had, so he started Dick Wadd Media in 1997, the same year he co-founded Wet n Hot with Vince. Dan states, “I’m profoundly grateful to have been serving the pig community for the last 30 years. There isn’t a nicer, more supportive or cohesive group anywhere on the planet. I’m truly blessed. As a true pig, I’ve also had one hell of a fun ride.”


Vince (left) started co-hosting the WaterBoys parties with Dan in 1990 and remembers saying, at 5:00 AM in San Francisco as he and Dan were mopping piss, cum and lube off a floor after a piss party, “For this I went to law school?” Vince co-founded Wet n Hot with Dan in 1997. Vince has worked tirelessly over the last three decades with Dan; first with WaterBoys, then with Dick Wadd and Wet n Hot, and says he couldn’t imagine being happier or doing anything else.  Vince is the quiet one in the bunch, but as we all know, they’re the ones you have to watch out for.