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Wet n Hot: July 14-16, 2023

What we are about!

Raw Masculinity. Free Sexuality. Pride. Camaraderie. Inclusiveness. Fun. Those are our values and they’re shared by the guys who join us. We believe that when men dare to let their inner pigs out, the result is amazing and transformative. It’s what we’re all about, and it brings guys back year after year.

See what the Piss Pigs had to say about our last party:

We set up a review page so the guys who attended Wet n Hot 2019 could write about their experiences. If you attended in 2019, feel free to write a comment. There were no 2020 or 2021 parties due to Covid.

Check out what some 2019 attendees had to say: CLICK HERE

As Always:

  • Hundreds of Sexy, No-Attitude Pigs
  • Three Infamous Nighttime Play Parties Under the Stars
  • Unlimited Beer, Water, Sports Drinks and Soft Drinks at the Play Parties and BBQs
  • Poolside Barbecue Lunches on Saturday and Sunday with Raffle Prizes
  • Seven Host Resorts Reserved Just For Us
  • Tons of Wet, Piggy Fun!

Back for 2022:

New This Year:

What the Pigs Say

“Holy Friggin’ Piss!  I have attended 19 other fetish events in the last 13 years.  Wet n Hot is now at the top of my list.”

“For anyone thinking of coming for the first time, my only comment is DO IT. Don’t even have a second thought!”

“Three nights, slings, kiddy pools full of guys getting pissed on. Men of all types. It was fucking amazing hot last year!”

“The whole weekend was the hottest experience of my life – I had never ever imagined so many guys in one place just letting it all hang out with their piss flying everywhere. Still get hard over the memories.”

“That was the best event we have ever been to. It was our first time and we were nervous at first, but the guys there are friendly and so hot and the people who run it do a great job. We want to go again next year.”

“Three words: Best. Weekend. Ever. Thanks to the whole crew!”

Explore this site to learn lots more about the weekend. Don’t miss the last party’s great reviews!
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We can’t wait to get wet with you!