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WNH19 Wow what a weekend!

Hey piggies! Another Wet ‘n Hot has cum and gone. We partied through tropical storm Dolores and made that storm even wetter. Big thanks to CCBC and their staff for hosting our group of pigs. And a special thanks to all the wonderful guys that volunteered their time to help Wet ‘n Hot run so smoothly this year. I personally had an amazing time playing with some of the new guys that attended for the first time. Nothing like fresh piss pigs to make a weekend special. Do you have a Wet ‘n Hot experience that you want to share? Feel free to post a comment here to share with your fellow piss lovers what made your Wet ‘n Hot weekend a special one. Hope to see you all next year  – July 15-17, 2016 –  for our 20th anniversary.

16 Responses to WNH19 Wow what a weekend!

  1. Gerry July 25, 2015 at 3:57 am #

    WOW, just WOW!! This was one of the, if not THE, best experiences I ever had! I did so many things that I had only dreamed of. I pissed on guys and guys pissed on me. I sucked guys and they sucked me. And l fucked some guys. One thing stands out. There was this guy who was being pissed on by several guys one after another. So the next guy starts pissing on his cock and and I just jumped in and started to suck on the cock being pissed on. The other guy keeps pissing on the cock, my mouth, my face and my body while I’m still sucking on the cock. It was right out of a porn movie and I LOVED IT!!! I WILL be back for WnH 20!!

    • Gerry August 3, 2015 at 6:51 pm #

      I forgot to say that this was my first WnH! I only found out about it last year a few weeks before it started and I had another trip planned that I could not change so I couldn’t go last year. So I had been waiting a whole year to go to this one and it was worth the wait!! (BOY was it worth the wait!!!) And now I (we!) have to wait another whole year for WnH 2016!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  2. Fullsac July 25, 2015 at 7:58 pm #

    Great time. I couldn’t have written a script regarding the things I saw. Very hot nasty time. Thks guys

  3. WSRimPig July 25, 2015 at 8:51 pm #

    My favorite was the line of hot guys taking turns standing along the railing on the upper deck in the compound and just whipping their dicks out and pissing over the railing hosing all of us thirsty piss pigs standing below. It was great just to keep standing below as the guys on top would finish pissing one-by-one, walk away after marking us, and then another hot dude with a full load of piss would take his place and start hosing us down. There was about 5-10 guys lined up on the top of that railing all night long! I never got so much piss all in one night! If it had been warmer, I would fallen asleep under this piss shower and let the top guys keep pissing on me all night long! Yummmmm!

  4. fuckorbefucked July 25, 2015 at 9:09 pm #

    For my fourth year in a row attending, WET N HOT lived up to its promise and then some. Like others have said, it feels like you are starring in your own porn movie. Only it’s REAL! There is no “app” for this; it is genuine, spontaneous, unpredictable, boundary-smashing, primal, wild, ripe, wet, sloppy, hilarious man to man fun. The worst part is that we have to wait 362 days till we can start the next party. Thank you to the guys who put it on and made it work.

  5. Jason July 25, 2015 at 9:50 pm #

    It was my first time going, and I was beyond nervous. But it blew my mind. From the registration party, everyone was so friendly and introduced me to people, very refreshing for a fetish event. Although I couldn’t get fucked at all, I easily got pissed on and drank piss over 25 times. But next year, I plan to be hopping in and out of the slings, can’t wait for next year already!

  6. Tracy July 25, 2015 at 11:50 pm #

    Well, another piss filled weekend has come and gone. I am always amazed at the amount of guys in attendance at the event. I also love how there really isn’t any attitude at the event. I met some great guys this year and reconnected with some from last year as well. Thank you again for an awesome event. I’m looking forward to next years already.

  7. Dan July 26, 2015 at 3:01 am #

    I’m involved in the organization of Wet ‘n Hot, so I’ve attended all but one WnH, and must say that this was one of the most memorable ones. It was nice to be back at the resort where the event started 19 years ago. Everything was very spread out and there were lots of dark, private corners to lurk and play in. There were 13 slings and lots of open areas where guys were playing in groups. The glory holes and TV rooms were great additions.

    Everyone was super friendly and all body types and ages were represented. I remember being asked by a porn star to fuck him and piss up his ass. I filled him with at least a quart of piss. As he let it out, 3 boys drank from his ass in succession. That was so fuckin’ hot. So was fucking their cock hungry throats.

    Another memorable time was when I was fucking the hot boy in the baseball uniform. I sat down on a chair, the boy mounted my cock, and a succession of pissing men stepped up to the chair to piss on my cock and down my throat. It was pure heaven.

    The DJ was excellent. Some of us were dancing for the first time ever at WnH. The BBQs were the best ever. I want that pineapple chicken recipe!

    All in all, it was a banner year and the event was very inclusive, loving and piggy. Every single man I talked with felt at home and had a fun, totally piggy time. I hope all you pigs who are sitting on the fence or who have been afraid of doing the things you’ve dreamed about will take a chance and come to WnH 20 next year. It is a unique, life changing event.

    Have a safe and fun year and I’ll see you at WnH 20!

  8. Richard July 26, 2015 at 2:04 pm #

    This was my first WnH event. I had a blast and looking forward to next year already. I met so many nice people last weekend. I hope the organizers have the event back at the same venue next year. There was plenty of space for all the hot and horny pigs to play.

  9. Tony July 27, 2015 at 2:43 am #

    Hey fellow Piggies!

    This was my first WnH party I had ever been too. I have to say it was amazing, I enjoyed being around so many like minded men. I really enjoyed the venue, lots of great play area’s and great viewing areas too if you like to watch. The music was so good and set the mood very well. In meeting so many great guys who had been a number of years in a row, everyone was so and friendly.

    I know I will be back next year!

  10. JJ July 29, 2015 at 2:35 pm #

    The fun began as soon as we got on the registration line at The Barracks, we got cruised by a really hot and handsome young guy from San Francisco. I could have stood in that line forever.

    The whole party was FUN. We thought the venue was much better than the last time we went (2013) The BBQ was fun and the music was great. The men were friendly, the pig path and play spaces were perfect and there were a lot of places to go. I was pretty shy again this time but I had some intense moments including a mind blowing kiss from the guy we saw at The Barracks.

    We had a satisfying good time at Wet -N- Hot. We will be back next year, I wish we didn’t have to wait so long!

  11. Rich August 6, 2015 at 2:41 pm #

    This was my first wet n hot. I was deathly afraid of attending. I had never been to a piss party, let alone one where there were over 600 guys. My budget was tight, but since they were offering a youth discount, I took a deep breath and signed up. It was the best thing I’ve done in my entire life. From the moment I walked in, I met nothing but friendly guys; all ages, all body types, lots of hot fuckin’ pigs and big pissin’ cocks everywhere.

    I lived many of my fantasies that weekend and did a few things I hadn’t ever thought about before. Now I can’t stop fantasizing about doing it all again.

    I can’t wait until next year. The party rocked. The men rocked. The food rocked.

    Thanks for an amazing weekend, guys!

  12. MsH September 14, 2015 at 6:22 pm #

    This was my first WetnHot! I have wanted to come to this event since I stumbled upon the website a few years ago. I finally made it to this FUCKING AWESOME event. I’m 22 and I’m very thankful for the discount you give to young pigs! It allowed me to enjoy myself while I was at the party! I couldn’t be happier I to have been apart of WetnHot 19.
    Palm Springs is the perfect destination to have the party at. The nights were warm despite the tropical storm we endured. Never visiting PS before, the city was small enough to easily find your way around, but had all the amenities we needed. There were lots of yummy restaurants to eat at, it tried an amazing little hidden French spot; it was to die! We decided to take the tram up the mountain; being from Colorado I was very resentful to visit the tram #mountianpride.
    The rotating tram was pretty cool, that Swiss engineering is impeccable! It even smelt like a real mountain because of the train. I didn’t get to walk around very much on the mountain as there was a lot of lighting. My companion being from southern California loved the Lightning, so we decided to stay for a drink and watch it before we took the tram down! It was a pretty fun experience up there! The resort we stayed in (not a host resort) was perfect, a short drive to the venue. It was a very chill atmosphere, we had a salt water pool, big spacious room, and we were nestled right at the base of the mountain. Also I was surprised I could smoke inside all of the resorts! A few WetnHot attendees were at my resort, it was nice to see them at the party.
    The play parties were everything I had hoped for. It was a very big venue with lots of space for all of us pigs to spread out, impeccably decorated path ways, deep dark nooks and corners. I think I even saw sauna and dark rooms. Being a pretty shy person, I was worried about my ability to hook up with guys. That was never a problem, guys approached me left and right. One would get down and drink my piss and all of a sudden there were 3 more waiting to suck ur cock, then a crowd! Lots of guys pissing on me while I got sucked off. Every time I tried to fuck I went soft, I think I had stage fright. There is always next year to try to fuck again. My favorite was sitting in the hot tub chatting it up with some other pigs from around the world. When I looked up from chatting we saw the silhouette of a boy getting fisted. I was amazing to be able to see every one get loose and live up their wildest dreams, and be apart of their dreams! Everybody I met when I wasn’t playing was super nice and inclusive, I felt right at home every time I was at a WetnHot event.

    DONT HAVE SECOND THOUGHTS ABOUT COMING! It’s worth all the time and money!

    Thank you for hosting such an amazing event, I’m literally counting the days till WetnHot 20.

  13. USMCPISSPIG October 8, 2015 at 6:34 am #

    My 3rd consecutive, annual trek to WnH and its host city of Palm Springs. Having a couple previous years under my belt, it’s so fun reading the reactions above of this year’s crop of green wristband newbies (BTW: whoever at WnH came up with the green wristband idea, I am happy to offer a complimentary blowjob and weekend urinal services for, as one of THE BEST IDEAS EVER!). This year’s first timers are saying the EXACT SAME THINGS I DID in my 1st review in 2013. “Mind-blowing”, “all it’s cracked up to be”, “friendly”, “inclusive”, “fun”, “like being on a porn set”, etc. Cost was also brought up, and that was certainly a major concern my 1st trip. Like what Rich and MsH said above, a trip out to California (in my case from Arkansas) for “just” a weekend seemed like a risky proposition. WRONG! The only surer thing in the Desert than piss and fun at WnH are hookers and losing all your $$$ in Vegas.
    I also STRONGLY agree w/the reviewer who FUCKING LOVED the “Piss Deck” out back. I hooked up my Oxballs gag and stationed myself below the endless loads of piss being fed by the Taps up Top. I brought kneepads (of course!) but due to the height, was able to just stand and hang and wait and beg. And. I. Did! Heh Heh Heh
    Again this year I brought and wore my football and wrestling gear. That shit is now RIPE AS FUCK thanks to the generous bladders and testicles of unknown dozens of donors.Thanks to all of YOU! Unknown to me though you may be, your DNA lives on in the fabric I hold to my nose every time I get into a good bate session.
    For the 2d year in a row, I hooked up w/the same fun buncha guys (names & origins unknown) in their onsite hotel room. Last year, after watching their hot fisting session through their room’s window, (in full, hot, sweat and piss soaked football pads, mind you) I was invited in, played with 6 or 7 hot, friendly guys and closed down WnH at 0200. What I didn’t know was that while I was feeding my Crisco’d up forearm to a HOT FUCKIN’ STUD’S deserving gut in their sling, THEY were in the bathroom, each stankin’ pig contributing a load of his own piss to a rubber boot…which was then ceremoniously dumped/fed to me just before I left for the night.
    I have decided next year to allow more time to spend at The Barracks. The tank up party Fri and Sun beer bust are NOT MISS events anyway, but I just have NOT pigged out to NEARLY the degree I think I need to. Maybe if I wear Dallas Cowboys gear (including handcuffs..HA HA HA) and park myself next to the urinal to compete?
    Many and sincere thanks to CCBC, Chaps Inn, the onsite volunteers and The Big Pigs @DickWaddMedia for putting on this annual slice of heaven for all of us pigs from around the world. It’s Item NUMBER ONE on my calendar of “Not Miss, Book ASAP” events. And for a GOOD MOTHER FUCKING REASON. As such, I anxiously and excitedly await #20! Just imagine, the next year, WnH will be old enough to drink and start recycling beer!
    Semper Fi, Pigs!

  14. Rly March 1, 2016 at 2:46 am #

    It was great to be at my first big piss party, I was right at home and able to be myself sucking pissing cock, getting pissed on at the same time by a few guys, being in the sling and in the inflatable pool share and share alike no boundaries, there for one reason, a fucking treat to be in all that piss and all those cocks pissing in and on each other, the group piss scenes were scorching, anyone got a fire extinguisher? Close one on one scenes with slowly teasing action to well up the piss into my mouth connecting mouth to cock and being throat deep while a guy just lets go straight into my gut with force, having my head held down on a pissing cock gagging a bit and my eyes tearing up while I spit and sputter is a turn on, heaven and giving the same, one particular hot scene for me is being hunkered down with my mouth open and my face up waiting for the piss to start, like convincing a guy for the first time to pee in my mouth, waiting patiently while he gets relaxed enough to let a bit dribble out watching his dick lips open up as the piss begins to flow and seeing the hole open up fully and then going for my throat all the way down and then just inside of my mouth so that I can entice more and make more pleasure, feel the stream in my mouth and suck hard to make it come out faster, slaving to the pissing cock. yeah I dig that. and then get to the place where he is full stream. Like to tease it out. A gang of guys all pissing into my open mouth at one time and pissing all over me too with a man on my cock taking my piss, keeps me going and going and going. The visuals are so umph, where’s a pissing cook, want one right now. Piss and sex pig heaven. I’ll be there for #20, with piss on tap.

  15. Burt July 18, 2016 at 2:29 pm #

    Just returned home from the 20th annual wetnhot , the most fabulous, wet, hot, horny, magnificent sexy……I could go on and on. My first wet n hot about 15 yrs ago was the most exciting thing I had done yet and I thought it could not possibly get any better…… I was so wrong.

    A huge thank you to the host hotel, the volunteers that were terrific, the men who put it on, the sponsors and all the guys that played any part.
    I Have been to several of them now and this one topped them all….. It just gets better every year.
    more pigs than you can shake a dick at and the most wonderful group of men you will ever want to meat.
    this year was over 700 men in attendance (I believe) and there was more than I could take in. But trust me I got around as much as was possible.
    I met new men that will now be lifelong friends, I’m sure.

    If you have not been to one and enjoy gorgeous naked men, or piss or hot sex, or all of the above and more, or
    If you are bordering on going or not going to the next one, do yourself the biggest favor of your life and just GO. It is the most exciting experience in total freedom you have yet witnessed.