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What the Waterboys Pigs are saying about Wet n Hot 18

Here is what the guys on our social piss site are saying about Wet n Hot 18

From Gerryex

This will be my first WnH and I’m excites as hell. I have wanted to go to something like this ever since I got into piss. I want to get hosed down at the same time by as many guys as possible. Even better if that happens while I’m fucking or sucking. Definitely want to try one of the piss pools!!! IS IT JULY YET??

From Totalpissslut

See y’all there for my 19th consecutive year… omfg! How did I get to be the old timer??? Oh well, like they say, dirty ol’ men need piss too, right? And this is one event I will never miss: too incredibly hot in every sense! I have coaxed quite a number of hot men to “take the plunge” and cum down for the weekend and none of ’em that I know has slightly regretted it. To the contrary, they were totally “blown” away!! The event this year is gonna be held in a great, huge pig playground. Yay!! 🙂

From Cockatattoo

I hear Palm Springs is desert but every year in one location its drenched by Golden Showers! Bring on the July showers!!! This isn’t my first Wet n Hot but I’m going to make it my personal best!

from M2Mpissnfun

I’m stoked for my second WnH this July! Last year I was too shy to get involved and watched a lot of hot action (great in itself) – this year I want to be a piss pig like all the others that just dove into the deep end of the pool! I’ll come this year with renewed enthusiasm and a thirst for the yellow nectar that flows so freely at the WnH parties! Bring on July!

From Cavaradossi

This will be my second WetnHot party. The first was 2012. Looking forward to splash my European piss all over the place! I’ m already extremely excited and looking forward to make some new thirsty buddies!

From Topside

FromChicago men here. Planned another driving trip with my bud through the awesome southwest ending up again in piss springs for Wnh. Got the luck of the Irish, won the lottery and will be staying on the party grounds as we did at our first wnh back in 2001. We have been to multiple wnh’ over the years and each has been a wonderful time of lust, bonding, affirming, relaxing, hunting and of course piss. A place where fantasies can come true but the weekend will end before u know it!

From FLquick

3rd time for me, love all the guys drinking from my tap I just go and go and go all night long love it when a guy deep throat all my cock while I pee down his throat. also love the rim seat can sit there for hours…met a guy the 1st time and he could deep throat all my cock for hours.. loved it…

From AdamZapple

Last year was my first WnH. It exceeded all expectations. Can’t wait to go hunting through the party grounds in the semi-darkness, looking for hot, dirty pigs doing unspeakable things. It’s like ancient Rome, where perversion reigns. Three months to go.

From Tucsonpissbear

Really looking forward to attending my first Event. I’ve been a life long piss lover and used to go to piss parties in San Francisco when I lived there, but now in Tucson, it’s a bit…dry. This piss bear is looking to get drenched, quench my thirst and return the favor.

From Jesse949

WnH first-timer in 2015 here! Very gratifying to hear there are other first-timers. But especially great to hear from other and recent first-timers who are returning. Took a bit to convince myself to register but sounding more and more like a hot decision. So excited I think I’m a little bit wet….

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One Response to What the Waterboys Pigs are saying about Wet n Hot 18

  1. CigarDadLB June 23, 2015 at 8:10 am #

    Can’t wait to quench the thirst of all those thirsty pig boys….