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Wet n Hot 2018 Biggest Ever

Wow guys! It’s going to be one hell of a Wet n Hot weekend in Palm Springs! As of May 31st, 466 guys have signed up. That is over 100 more guys than we had at this time last year. Not only do we have more piss pigs coming, we have NEW piss pigs coming! 85 guys under the age of 30 have used the NEWPISSPIG coupon code to buy their weekend package. Nothing like breaking in new piss pigs during Wet n Hot. You will be able to spot them during the party by their blue wrist bands. Returning pigs wrist bands will be yellow, of course. We are extending the deadline for the price increase by a few days so you guys can purchase your tickets over the weekend. Price increase will now start on June 4th. So hurry and get your tickets and save yourself a few bucks!

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