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Wet n’ Hot 2016 important dates

We are gearing up for Wet ’n Hot 2016.  It’s our 20th anniversary.

Thank you to all you piss pigs who attended last year’s Wet ‘n Hot.

Important dates for Wet ’n Hot 2016: The event will take place July 15-17, 2016; tickets will go on sale March 1, 2016.

When you place your order for your ticket, you will be given a choice to enter the room lottery at check out. Since we have limited space at the party location hotel, it is only fair that everyone gets a chance to get a room. The lottery is open from March 1st through March 14th. The winners will be picked on March 15th live on You tube. You must purchase your ticket before March 15th and check the enter lottery box at check out to be eligible for the lottery.

The other participating  hotels on our list will not reserve you a room with out a reservation code that you will be given when you purchase your ticket, so you cannot make a host hotel reservation until March 1st after you purchase your ticket. The identity of the hotels is kept secret until you purchase a ticket.  We do this because of the nature of our event.

We learned a lot this year with the shuttle bus service. We will be running it again next year.  We will be renting a bigger van and we will be dropping off shuttle schedules at participating hotels so you will know when the shuttle picks up and drops off at your hotel.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again along with you first timers.

You can read about what the pigs had to say about Wet ‘n Hot 2015 or write your own review at this link:

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