Just got back from CCBC

Hey Piggies,

I just got back from a trip to see the upgrades at CCBC the home of Wet n Hot 2018. CCBC has totally renovated there playrooms with new AC and bigger spaces. In the back where the army barracks is they have added a piss balcony complete with a drain in the floor. Along with the playroom upgrades, they have also added a restaurant to the property. I am not sure if it will be open for business by the time Wet n Hot rolls around but I took a tour of it and it looks amazing. CCBC has also upgraded all the lockers to keyless entry so no more lost keys. If you are lucky enough to have booked one of the rooms at CCBC they to have been renovated as well. With new bathrooms and TVs along with a few surprises. We have had to change the locations of the beverage bar and clothes check this year, so be sure to check your map that you will receive at registration for these new locations. Registration is again at the Barracks Bar this year on July 20th from 2-6pm. If you have not yet purchased your weekend or single day pass you can do so at the Barracks. We accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard. The price at the door for a weekend pass is $190 cash $195 for CC. Then for a single day pass $80 cash $85 with CC.

See you piggies in July

Rob Rodin  OINK!

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