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WNH 15 Wrap-Up: Awesome!

Wow! In the eight years since I’ve come on board to assist in producing Wet ‘n Hot, I have to say that this year was my very favorite! I could go on and on about how there is simply no other party like it—which is true!—but the real thing that makes it special for me is the guys who attend. Yes, there are body builders and models and porn stars. And yes, there are bears. But mostly there are just regular guys. Some are older and some are younger. Some are newcomers and some haven’t missed a single weekend in […]

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WNH 14: The Pig Community Rocks!

I could recount the sexual experiences I enjoyed at Wet ‘n Hot 14, but I will leave that to my fellow pigs who attended this year. Instead, I will briefly frame the event in a personal historical context. When I left the corporate world 20 years ago to write the Waterboys magazine, host piss parties and devote my life to serving the pig community, it was a time when openly declaring that you were a pig was tantamount to being shunned by not only straight society but most gay men. I remember guys rolling their eyes as they walked past […]

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