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2024 Reviews

Wet n Hot 2024 reviews

Thanks to all you piss lovers for attending WetNhot 2024. And thanks to our volunteers, without whose hard work and dedication the event could not take place. We hope that you all had a great and memorable time.

No matter how we try to characterize WetNhot for guys who have never attended before, words inevitably fail us. We hope you will take a few minutes to share your experiences so that we can keep our Piss Pig Tribe strong and growing.

Did you meet someone special? Did you experience something for the very first time? Did you make one of your sexual fantasies come true? Were you impressed or overwhelmed by the friendliness, inclusiveness and camaraderie? Please let other piss pigs know about your WetNhot experience. Write about your experience in the space below, so guys wanting to come next year can read about what they can expect when attending The Biggest Piss Party on the Planet.

If you want to keep up to date on what is going on, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. And you can stay in touch with your piss buddies in our Facebook group and Telegram group (which you can access from the Facebook group).

For those of you wanting to attend in 2025, we encourage you to read what guys have to say about past years, make that big leap and make your wet dreams come true. Remember that WHAT LIES ON THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR IS JOY.

Be well and we hope to see you in 2025!

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