WNH18 Registration Opening Report—Please Read!

On our first day, 169 pigs bought packages for this summer’s event! That beat last year’s record first day sign ups by 26 guys! We’re stoked that so many of you are already on the way.

As usual, our three smallest host resorts are now sold out. We still have plenty of rooms available in our remaining resorts—and there are still lots of other rooms available in the city. But the longer you wait to sign up, the further away from the party HQ you’ll have to stay.


A few minutes after registration opened yesterday, our server crashed. We are still investigating what made this happen, but we were down for about 45 minutes until the server could be rebooted.

We know that this caused distress for those of you who wanted to be the very first to sign up. We are very sorry. We did everything in our power to build a great new registration experience and we know it was frustrating early on. But the system is up now and it is running as it should be.

A very few of you experienced an unrelated issue with not being able to enter your payment on the Checkout/Billing page. This seems to have been related to also using a coupon code on that page. To avoid this issue, we have disabled this function. Coupon codes may still be entered on the shopping cart page. If you have a credit, please enter it there instead!


Thank You!

We are very grateful that you are so passionate about Wet N Hot. Thank you for being so eager to participate and buy your packages early! And thank you for letting us know about what didn’t work so that we could address it.

We feel fortunate that our piggy party attracts so many great, big-hearted guys. We can’t wait to wet you down.

2 Responses to WNH18 Registration Opening Report—Please Read!

  1. totalpissslut April 2, 2014 at 12:50 am #

    I was one of the guys who encountered the glitches in the first 45 minutes, but I persisted and finally got through– cause nothin’ can stand in the way of a true dedicated pig (!), and I had the confidence that Rik and his staff would address the problem in their usual calm and sensible manner!! Heck, this was the first time the system was used and you gotta give the dudes a little leeway…. Don’t jump on ’em like the Republicans did on Obama and his healthcare signup– ’cause in the end he got over 7 million people by today. Maybe we can get that many to Wet ‘n Hot! Can’t wait to see y’all in July! Oink….. 🙂

    • USMCpisspig April 2, 2014 at 3:41 pm #

      ^^Nailed it like a cumdump pisspig in a sling….

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