Update on Sign ups for Wet n Hot

Well we have been jumping through hoops changing the web site by taking down any nude or piss pictures from the site to make it more agreeable to Visa and Mastercard. But still no banks want to gives us an account to take payments online. We are in the process of working with a ticketing agency to try and get this problem sorted out. If we go with the ticket agent there will be a processing fee added onto the ticket prices. So we are trying one more bank before we have to resort to this. In the mean time you can reserve your rooms at the other host resorts using the code WET21. You can find those resorts on the home page. The lottery for rooms at CCBC is on hold till ticket sales are back up and running. It is going to be at least another week Monday 13th till we get this figured out. It’s a shame we have to do this just because we are piss lovers in a so called free America. Just hang in there pigs we will get this taken care of before to long.

Rob Rodin and the guys at waterboys

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