The Producers

Vince (Left) and Dan (Right)


Dan (right) left a corporate job in 1990 and began publishing the WaterBoys magazine and hosting fundraisers and piss parties that year. The guys he met complained that there weren’t any good piss videos to be had, so he started Dick Wadd Media in 1997. Dan states, “I’m profoundly grateful to have been serving the pig community for the last two decades. There isn’t a nicer, more supportive or cohesive group anywhere on the planet. I’m truly blessed. As a true pig, I’ve also had one hell of a fun ride.”


Vince (left) started co-hosting the WaterBoys parties with Dan in 1990 and remembers saying, at 5:00 AM in San Francisco as he and Dan were mopping piss, cum and lube off a floor after a piss party, “For this I went to law school?” Vince has worked tirelessly over the last two decades with Dan; first with WaterBoys, then with Dick Wadd, and says he couldn’t imagine being happier or doing anything else.  Vince is the quiet one in the bunch, but as we all know, they’re the ones you have to watch out for. 

Rob Rodin

Rob joined Wet n Hot in 2009, helping out with sign ups and those crazy T-shirt designs. Past attendees might have met him at registration while he was checking your IDs and keeping the line moving. Rob is a director and producer for Dick Wadd Media with his own line of videos under The Load Masters label. He also writes a blog (The Load Master) that keeps his piggy followers up to date on what is happening in the world of BareBack Porn.


2017 Ambassadors

Ken Byker

This will be Ken’s 3rd Wet N Hot.

He told us in his own words, “This is the only event that I am sure to be at. I love that the play area is a buffet of men. Any type of dude you might be looking for is there. The best part is everyone is there for the same reason…piss. There is definitely lots of fucking, sucking, and even some fisting going on, but piss is the main course. The men are dressed in nothing to football uniforms and business suits to everything in between. It’s basically a porn set on steroids (minus the cameras). If you think you are slightly interested, you should make the effort to come to Palm Springs.” 

We are happy to have Ken as a true ambassador for Wet n Hot 2017. You can see Ken in Dick Wadd Videos, where his true talents as a piss pig shine.

Boy Fillmore

Boy is a true piss pig as he proves it in the more than 8 piss porn videos he has done with Dick Wadd.

In Boy’s own words: Gear, boots and piss are just a few of my favorite things but I think my laundry list of things I will not do is FAR shorter. Aside from pissing on/in a sexy puppy, holding my legs up for a brutal and deep pounding, my non sexual hobbies include but are not limited to Art, going to Museums, Traveling, gardening, cooking, eating, dark beer, and reading. I would like to think myself as a well-rounded pig.

WetnHot has been a great get away for me for many years; amazingly I really look forward to going every summer in the hot heat of Palm Springs, the thrill of what I get to do there is unlike any other event. Being a past volunteer I have been able to work with some really great fun guys, as well as to see sexy virgins I mean new faces. So if you have been to WetnHot in the past you have probably seen me at the BBQ slinging and handling meat.

It has been a great pleasure to be an active participate in the Kink Community, I have been able to enjoy this privilege for more than a decade. I have been fortunate to have filmed alongside of some Sexy, Talented and yes some very Hung Men. But in the end it comes down to the guys who appreciate and enjoy my work and that I’m thankful for. 

Pup Sentinel

Pup volunteered for the first time in 2016 and we at waterboys just fell in love with his piggy ways. He is very active on Twitter @PupHimeros and shows his love for Wet’n Hot. In his own words:

“Wet n Hot was my first huge piss party I had attended, the second I had stepped through the door I knew I was at home. The smell of the men’s armpits alone was enough to drive me crazy, but once I got a whiff of all the piss I instantly got hard. Don’t get me wrong watching everyone in their varies stages of undress engaging in sex is amazing, but knowing that we are all there for the same reason and not having to feel judged is what makes this event truly special. Which is why I always encourage people that even if they are not 100% certain that piss is there thing, they should make an effort to attend… Because I’m certain that they will leave with a smile on their face, I know I did, that is why I never miss this event.” – Pup Sentinel

We are glad to have Pup join our waterboys team of pigs. Come meet him this year at Wet’n Hot.