First Day Report: Please Read!

It’s been an amazing first day here at the Wet n Hot office! As of 7pm we had 143 pigs registered for the weekend—a new record for first day sign-ups! We also sold out three of our host resorts. (Don’t worry, they were the smallest ones and there are still plenty of rooms available.)

By and large, our new registration system worked just great. One issue that we discovered earlier in the day—and reported upon here—was that several confirmation letters went to registrant’s spam folders. This particularly seemed to be an issue with Gmail and AOL. We are working to make this less likely.

In the meantime, if you get an acknowledgement of your payment but no confirmation letter, please check your spam folder! Your message is most likely there. If you mark the message as “not spam” you’ll help yourself—and all of the rest of the pigs signing up—because your email system will realize that our messages are indeed valid and be less likely to block them in the future.

Thanks for making it an awesome day! We can’t wait to wet you down!

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