Code of Conduct

Wet n Hot is a party for guys who like to play without a lot of rules and take care of themselves. But even pigs have some standards! Here are ours.

The Zero- Tolerance Stuff Stuff

Wear your wristband at all times.

It’s your pass into the party and you only get one. It’s waterproof, so just keep it on. You will be turned away if you don’t have a wristband.

Play in designated areas.

The Pig Park is our playground, while the pool deck is for socializing. Please don’t play in the social areas, restrooms or swimming pool.

No pissing in your hotel room.

Don’t ruin things for future pigs! If you damage your hotel room, you’ll have to pay for it and we won’t be allowed to return.

No drugs! No kidding!

Drugs pass through your system to your drinkers. There are just too many ways that they can harm both you and the people who you play with. If you’re drunk or high, we’ll send you home.

No cameras or phones allowed.

Guys come to Wet n Hot to play freely in a private, safe space. Cameras violate everyone’s privacy. If you have a camera or phone, we’ll erase it and hold onto it until you leave.

Absolutely no scat.

Don’t do scat. It will get us shut down. Forever. If you see somebody taking a dump on the property, tell us. And if you’ve got to go, please use a restroom. Don’t let seventeen years of fun come to an end!

No nudity or bare butts are allowed in the hotel lobby.

You can be seen from the street, and that’s against the law.

No solicitation or vending.

We keep Wet n Hot a selling-free zone so that guests can enjoy the brotherhood and play free of distractions.

The Respect Stuff

Share the tubs and slings and other action spots!

Don’t hog play equipment. Take a break and let everyone have some fun.

Be friendly and considerate.

Sometimes we lose track of time when we’re hot and horny. If you want to get in a tub or a sling and someone else is there, just ask for a turn. And don’t just climb in on top of someone without asking.

Ya gotta give to get.

Everybody wants to get wet, but turnabout is fair play. After you’ve gotten your share, keep the energy going by wettin’ down another buddy in need.

Be kind when rejecting someone’s advances.

It’s impossible at a big play party not to get approached by guys that you don’t find attractive. You can say “No” without hurting people. Just say something like, “Sorry, not right now,” or gently move a guy’s hand away.

Don’t force yourself on people.

Don’t be a pest. If someone lets you know that he doesn’t want to play with you, don’t keep insisting. If you do, we will insist that you leave.

Dirty old men need piss, too.

It isn’t going to hurt you to give some to a guy who may not be as popular with the rest of the fellas. For you, it’s just one load. For him, it may be the highlight of his night. Some day you’ll be in his shoes!

Take your conversations out of the play areas.

Lots of chatter in play areas ruins the mood for others. Please chat in our social areas instead.

Follow the smell code.

Leave your cologne and smelly deodorant at home.

Please pick up after yourself.

There are plenty of waste cans and recycling bins all over the property. Just because we’re pigs doesn’t mean that we can’t pick up our cups, cans, bottles and trash! And don’t forget your cigarette butts too. Please dispose of cigarette butts in ashtrays only.

Be kind to the staff at our host resorts.

Our host resorts are very gracious to us every year. Please treat their staff respectfully and their property as if it were your own. And if the service warrants, please be sure to tip your housekeeper.

The Common Sense Stuff

Come dressed for the occasion.

Don’t come to the party wearing anything that you don’t want to get wet!

Drink, drink, drink… hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Start tanking up about two hours before the party so that you’re prepared for the desert heat and ready to piss. If you wait till you arrive, you won’t go for an hour or so and you’ll be up all night peeing when you get home.

If you aren’t having fun at this piss party, you are probably being too shy.

Assume everyone is shy, so take the initiative to approach people. If you ask, it’s yes or no. If you don’t ask, it’s always no. If you aren’t getting any yes’s, you aren’t asking enough!

Don’t bring a lot of money or valuables to the party. Or leave them in your car.

We’ve never had a theft issue, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You only need an ID, cab fare and $5 for the coat check.

Don’t bring glass into the party grounds.

This is an important safety issue.

Don’t play outside the party grounds.

Public sex on the street or in bars is illegal. Don’t risk getting arrested!

Don’t talk to the media.

Keep our party underground! If contacted by a reporter, please say “No comment,” and decline to be interviewed. If you see people snooping around, tell us.

Ask a volunteer first…

If you need assistance or don’t understand the rules. Let our hotel staffers do their work!

Have fun, be respectful, and piss, fist and fuck the cum out of each other!

‘Nuff said.